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Lakers Trade For Pistons’ Jaden Ivey In Bold Proposal

It’s been a difficult 2023-24 NBA season for the Detroit Pistons. Last year was a difficult year for him too. Let’s rephrase – it’s been a difficult few years for the Detroit Pistons.

Realistically, it’s been a difficult decade. As a result, it’s been a difficult year for Jaden Ivey as well. Coming into this year, he was seen as a cornerstone of this young team.

Now, he’s being treated like a bench player. Is Ivey part of Detroit’s plans? We’re not sure. This may be all a developmental strategy.

Ivey could be the recipient of some tough love here. On the other hand, the Pistons could be losing faith in him.

If that’s true, could the Pistons send him to the Los Angeles Lakers? 

NBA Trade Proposal: Los Angeles Lakers Land Detroit Pistons’ Jaden Ivey

Jaden Ivey, Pistons, NBA
NBA Analysis Network
Detroit Pistons Receive: F Taurean Prince, G/F Cam Reddish, 2029 First-Round Pick (Top 5 Protected – LAL) 
Los Angeles Lakers Receive: G Jaden Ivey 

It hasn’t always been this way for the Pistons. Younger readers may not realize it, but for a long time, this was a proud franchise. The Pistons have a rich history.

They won back-to-back NBA championships in the late 1990s. They’d go on to win another in the early 2000s. The Pistons have traditionally won their way. This team has had a clear identity.

They’re defensively aggressive. Any time that the Pistons have been competitive, they’ve done it by stopping opponents first and foremost. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jaden Ivey, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Lakers Updates

With that said, they can’t rival the Lakers’ success. Outside of the Boston Celtics, nobody can. While the Pistons are the worst team in the NBA currently, the Lakers are back in contention.

Should they take a flyer on a young player like Ivey? 

Why The Los Angeles Lakers Do The Deal 

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NBA Analysis Network

It’s a risky move. We won’t deny that. As a general rule, contending teams don’t trade for sophomores. If Ivey can’t start on the rudderless Pistons, why would he earn a significant opportunity on the Lakers?

Well, the Pistons’ entire roster is a mess. By contrast, the Lakers have LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Here, they’d be gambling that Ivey would succeed alongside the gravity that they each command. That feels like a reasonable bet to us. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jaden Ivey, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Lakers Updates

After all, he’s an electrifying athlete who can create a lot of rim pressure. Ivey’s talent is unquestionable, even if the Pistons seem to have reservations about him.

Should they really move him already? 

Why The Detroit Pistons Do The Deal 

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NBA Analysis Network

This is unfortunate for the Pistons. We realize that. They picked Ivey with the fifth overall pick. Now, we’ve got them flipping him for a pick that’s guaranteed to fall outside of that range.

Such is life. The Pistons put Ivey on the bench. They hurt his trade value in the process. If they don’t see him as a cornerstone player, they’d have to entertain moving him before his value sinks even lower.

That’s what they’re doing here. It’s not all bad. This lightly protected pick is still a valuable asset. Moreover, the Pistons need better wing depth.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jaden Ivey, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Prince is a win-now contributor who could help them approach respectability, and Reddish is young enough to grow with this core. If everything goes well, they could have a less rough season before we know it. 

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