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Huckberry: 15% off Almost Everything Annual Sale

Heads up: Buying via our links results in us getting a commission (not always, but just about), which helps keep the lights on around here. We also take your privacy rights seriously. Head here to learn more.

[TAG34] (ends Thurs.)

For years now, Huckberry has been a source for hard-working, high performing gear that also looks really really good.

That said, some of their newer arrivals are beyond bizarrely expensive. And… strange.

We’ll be keeping it normal with the picks below. Because while Huckberry isn’t cheap, they still carry plenty of stuff that looks great, feels great, and performs for a price many of us may nod-in-agreement at. Especially their in-house brands like PROOF and Flint and Tinder, as well as any USA Made gear they have on hand. And this 15% off (almost) sitewide sale happens only once a year.

Note that they do usually run some cyber week specials for Black Friday. Who knows what will be in that batch next week. They might not even know yet, until they see how this 15% off annual sale goes.

Got all that? Let’s get on with the picks. Exclusions apply of course. We’ve done our best to dodge those.

[TAG44] ($298)

Sanders Chukkas

Full review can be found here. They’re the most popular thing Huckberry carries. These jackets are built extraordinarily well, made here in the USA, and they’re hardly ever on sale. 7 oz waxed sailcloth canvas exteriors are weather resistant and age like selvedge denim. The wear patterns they create over time are individual to the owner. Which means they’ll break in to your shape, and become even more comfortable with each use. They’re lined in a super-soft blanket-striped lining, so you can wear them over just about anything (even just a t-shirt). But they’re warm enough to wear in the colder months, extreme temperatures not withstanding. And again, they’re made here in the United States. Available in regular or tall sizes. And they’re even making a women’s version these days.

[TAG48] ($98) or [TAG49] ($128)

Flint and Tinder''s Waxed Trucker

Available in multiple blues, grays, olive, black, etc. Here’s why these are actually worth the price… Made from an odor-resistant and wicking merino wool blend which is also machine washable (and machine dryable as long as you can tumble dry low/keep an eye on it…) these henelys can go for three days of straight wear without starting to smell funky or feel gross. That’s why they were a must-add in our “what to pack when traveling light and in style” advice post. So they’re really three shirts in one. 72-hour henleys > the 72-hour tees or polos. Why? The collars. The black snap buttons are cool, and the collars feel and lay better than either the tees or (floppy) polos. Get the henleys. And know that they fit trim. A size large fits my 5’10″/185lbs perfect, whereas a medium is too small.

[TAG57] ($30)

Huckberry wool hoodies

Flat out terrific. Japanese fabric is just the right weight, and feels good and strong. Sometimes beanies can look good but then slouch and/or shrink. Not these things. Price is nice and affordable too. 11 colors to pick from.

[TAG59] ($98)

Flint & Tinder 365 Pants

Head here for a full review and to see how slim, tapered, and straight fits compare side by side. Not cheap yet absolutely has a dedicated fan base. 5 pocket style, feels like a chino, but engineered and woven with 2% spandex for stretch. Garment-dyed, soft, 98% cotton that’s pre-shrunk and ready to become a favorite right away. Note that while once upon a time they were made in the USA, they no longer are. Haven’t been for a couple of years now. 13 colors to choose from. $84 doesn’t make for a cheap pair of pants, but Huckberry has sold shed-loads of these things.

[TAG63] ($98)

Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants

The corduroy version of the 365s. For those who want that classic, soft, fall fabric ensconcing their gams for the next few months. It’s worth noting that when these debuted a couple years back they were actually priced at $108. Nice to see them come down in price, and are even currently on sale.

[TAG65] ($250)

Flint and Tinder''s Waxed Trucker

Holy smokes these are included in the sale. Huckberry to the the rescue, with their with free (contiguous) US shipping at $98, and free returns. Because for the longest time you couldn’t get a pair of these made in the UK, super-comfortable, mega-versatile chukkas without taking a major risk with overseas shipping. Ordering direct through Sanders is great, but they go for around $270 (depending on exchange rate) direct through the brand… PLUS you’d be on the hook for international returns. Meaning if they show up, don’t work out, and you have to ship them back… you could be out-of-pocket to the tune of $80ish total in outbound and return shipping charges. No longer. Thank you Huckberry. And they’re on sale. Wow. Full review here.

[TAG70] ($42)

Made in the USA "45" Supima T-Shirt

Already on sale and getting the additional 15% off. Ten colors to choose from. Size shown above is a medium on Joe who is 5’10″/185. And as you can see, they have a bit of the “vintagy” collar thing going on. Some guys are good with that/like the way it looks. Some of us don’t like it. Made in the USA is tough to do these days.

[TAG72] ($700)

Sanders Chukkas

For those looking to scratch a Newman-Rolex-look itch for a fraction of the price. Well made, solar-powered quartz movement, and that two toned tachymeter is pretty slick. Yes you can find them for a bit less through gray-market sellers… but then you’re almost certainly not getting a factory warranty.

[TAG74] ($108)

Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots

Full review from our shoe expert Adam can be found here. An incredible at home slipper/shoe/hybrid-thingy. A few different colors and even upper materials to pick from, but the OG gray wool version shown above is what most of us will want. And enjoy.

[TAG77] ($98)

Flint and Tinder''s Waxed Trucker

A basic crewneck sweater that doesn’t look basic thanks to its speckled yarn. Lightweight enough to not weigh you down, which can’t be said of some other speckled wool sweaters as usually this look brings with it some chunk. Also sold in tall sizes, which is something those who are in possession of frames used to fetch mustard at Costco will be grateful for.

[TAG80] ($198)

Taylor Stitch Moleskin Bomber in Copper

For those that like the idea and texture of a suede bomber, but aren’t the “leather jacket” (or suede jacket) type. Moleskin is a brushed cotton fabric that’s soft, has a matte texture, and feels perfect in cool and cold weather.

[TAG82] ($195)

Rhodes Tyler Chukkas

A favorite and rarely if ever on sale. Shot above is the Rhodes Tyler after 18 months of wear. See the long-term-test-review here. Not bad, right? Exceptionally comfortable. Substantial without being gunboats. Soles are inspired by workwear boots that cushion, and look pretty darn good.

[TAG85] ($198)

Flint and Tinder''s Waxed Trucker

Same “caliber collection,” different style. So I (the Joe guy) used to wear a pair of Red Wing weekender chelseas, then made the switch to these… and won’t be going back to Red Wing. Sorry R.W.  These “Caliber” collection boots are just too darn comfortable, and boy can they be beat to crud and come back for more. Soles are inspired by workwear boots that cushion, and look pretty darn good. Available in Hickory (upright above,) taupe suede (on its side, above,) or Mojave peach suede.

[TAG89] ($268)

Sanders Chukkas

Pretty uncompromising. Gets everything right so many down-puffers don’t. Nylon/spandex shell kicks that cheap “sheen” seen on other quilted jackets to the curb. Lightweight, water-resistant, stretchy, breathable, insulated. And the interior is anything but forgotten. Ships and returns free via Huckberry.


Whiskey Peaks Glassware

A popular gift this time of year for obvious reasons. Lead free, hand blown glass decanters and rocks glasses with raised topographic impressions of some of the world’s most famous geological wonders. Buy a bottle of something top shelf, gift with something from Whiskey Peaks, and it should make for a winning combination.

[TAG96] ($39)

Huckberry Weekender Sunglasses

Cheap sunglasses that look and perform better than some junk you got on a convenience store spinner rack. Polarized lenses too. Perfect for winter time, since glare off snow can be irritating and then some. Sizing seems to be on the smaller side of medium. So if you’ve got a big noggin, these might be a pass. In person shot of the crystal frames is from our best sunglasses under $100 round up.

[TAG99] ($895)

Flint and Tinder''s Waxed Trucker

One of those watches that looks like you could have inherited it. Swiss made, automatic movement with a 50 hour power reserve. The title of the product says “42mm” but the description says 38mm… which seems much more of the style they’re clearly going for here. Pretty sure it’s 38mm, as here’s what appears to be the very same watch over at Hamilton direct.

[TAG102] ($320)

Sanders Chukkas

Red Wing’s original moc toe boots in a very, very handsome dark “black cherry” leather. Now under $275 thanks to the 15% off sale.

[TAG104] ($375)

Flint and Tinder''s Waxed Trucker

Nobody knows waxed outerwear like the Brits. An investment for sure at $300+, but pretty reasonably priced considering it’s made in the UK from 8 oz. Millerain fabric. Available in black, brown, or “mustard.”

[TAG106] ($85)

Sanders Chukkas

Full review here. Available in dark brown, chestnut, tan, or black. They’re what you’d expect. Meaning: nice leather, versatile good looks (casual to smart casual use,) and should last and last. The more affordable alternative would of course be the L.L. Bean USA made belt, but those only come in dark brown or black.

[TAG109] ($750)

365 pants

A modern take on what was quite literally Seiko’s first (circa 1959) sports watch, but refined enough that it can easily be a smart casual or even dress watch here in 2023. Probably gonna sell out.

[TAG111] ($118)

PROOF (Huckberry) Rover Pants

  • Size Shown: 32×30 STRAIGHT fit on 5’10″/185
  • Fabric: 73% cotton, 25% Sorbtek, 2% lycra
  • Gusseted? YES!
  • Do they make a “Swish Swish” Noise: No. Absolutely not.
  • Extras: Slim or Straight fits. Seven colors with some not-the-norm shade options. Dart seams behind knees aide in movement. Sorbtek claims extra wicking capabilities, while rest of fabric makes for a harder-wearing canvas work style pant.

A bit more “adventure-y” than the Flint and Tinder 365. They’re made with something called Sorbtek, which helps regulate temperature and wick moisture. 73% cotton, 25% Sorbtek, 2% lycra is the blend. And second, the gusseted crotch makes for ease of movement. Garment dyed for that worn in but not worn out look. The stretch is miles ahead of an average pair of Dickies, and the gusseted crotch is a very, very big deal for those of us who move around quite a bit while wearing our chosen trousers. Make sure you wash them separately on cold since excess pigment can bleed out for the first couple of washes. Wear the hell out of them though.

[TAG113] ($250)

Made in the USA Victory Sportswear Speed Runner

NOT cheap. Clearly not cheap. But made in the USA from premium materials and that nubby Vibram gum sole is terrific. Also, they can be resoled by the good people at Victory Sportswear once you need that to be done.

[TAG115] ($288)

Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket

Dark and moody for a, shirt jacket. British Millerain waxed canvas. Not made in the USA like their waxed trucker. Available in grey, a dark forest green, or the brown with orange lining (which is pretty sweet) shown above.

[TAG117] ($165)

Hestra Utsjo Gloves in Elk Leather

SPENDY. But Hestra really does make great gloves. Seen in action right here. Free shipping and free returns through Huckberry too. Which is good. Because gloves have to fit. Check that size chart. Insulated with Primaloft. Certainly not a ski glove, but warmer than an unlined driver or something similar.

[TAG120] ($525)

Made in Italy UNIMATIC UC2 Automatic Watch

They don’t make them like they used to, unless it’s Unimatic. And then when you pick this thing up you think “I don’t know if they ever made watches like this.” It is SOLID. All caps. In bold. Feels like something Ron Swanson would appreciate, if he wasn’t already hand forging his own wristwatches in a waffle iron. Yet at 38.5 mm in diameter, it’s not some honking wrist-brick you would have seen on the likes of Arnie circa 2010. Assembled in Italy. Powered by Seiko’s NH35A automatic movement. Black matte dial. 300m water resistance. Double domed sapphire crystal. Easy to grip big crown. Super-LumiNova C3 pale green lume paint starts to reveal itself even in low-ish light conditions. This watch is equal parts minimalist as it is unique.

[TAG124] ($188)

Sanders Chukkas

Serious comfort. Classic but still modern looks. (How the heck did they do that?) Waterproof. Ready for all that fall and winter weather can throw at them. Full review can be found here.

[TAG127] ($198)

Sanders Chukkas

Back for another year. Extraordinarily light in weight, but still insulated, thermal regulating, and water-resistant. Certainly not a beast of a wool peacoat or topcoat, but an extra in-between layer you may reach for time and again.

[TAG129] ($170)

Sanders Chukkas

Crunchy, earthy, and modern. While Nike and adidas battle it out for world dominance, asics just keeps on keepin’ on, making really comfortable athletic shoes.

[TAG131] ($79)

Flint and Tinder''s Waxed Trucker

Yamakazi is a Japanese brand that creates excellent, minimalist, small space designs. And this slim console table is a perfect example of just that. Mrs. Dappered and I have this, and as small-space dwellers ourselves, it makes for a great small book(s) & blue-tooth speaker shelf under a picture in our skinny home/shotgun shack. It’s useful, and it doesn’t get in the way. Dimensions are 31.69″ tall, 23.62″ wide, and just 7.28″ deep. Not quite sure why Huckberry has these as final sale. But, they are. No returns or exchanges. If you don’t want to take that risk, Amazon has them at not-final-sale but full price.

[TAG133] ($348)

Flint and Tinder Flannel Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket

British Millerain waxed canvas exterior. Flannel lining from the UK’s Moon Mills. Corduroy trim. Pockets. Lots of pockets. A heck of a hunting style jacket for 21st century life, whether you live in the city or the country. Fit is more straight than slim. Made for layering/warmth. Full review here.

[TAG136] ($1650)

365 pants

Money. Lots of money. But… assembled in Detroit. Swiss made, Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement. 300m water resistance. Sapphire crystal. Micro adjustable clasp for a precise fit. 12 o’clock marker is modeled after “the flag a boat flies when it has a diver down in the depths.” Trapezoid straight-up/60 min pip on the bezel is a nice alternative touch too, as is the “water drop” shaped lume blob on the seconds hand. This thing is the works. You’ll pay for it though, but at least now it’s 15% off.

[TAG138] ($128)

Flint and Tinder Made in the USA 10-year Hoodies

For the buy-less-buy-better and/or USA Made = preferred crowd. They’re guaranteed for ten years by way of a “we’ll repair it” guarantee. Made out of premium, hard wearing materials (23 oz fleece from South Carolina, Zippers from Georgia, metal tipped drawcords, etc.) The 10-year hoodie is either something you’re all in on, or something you want nothing to do with. And that’s okay either way.

The 15% off Huckberry just about sitewide sale ends Thursday 11/16/23.
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