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Best Brisket Rub Recipes

If you are looking for the Best Brisket Rub Recipes, then you have come to the right place. We’ve spent years developing and perfecting our rub recipes, and those listed below are the best of the best!


We associate barbecue brisket with Texas, and rightly so. While many of the recipes below continue Texas traditions, there is always room for variation. You might find something new and equally delicious!

Now, the rule of rubs. What sticks is the amount you need. Pat dry your trimmed brisket with paper towels to remove excess moisture. Apply a thin coating of binder like yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, or even mayonnaise, then sprinkle the rub onto the meat. Apply the rub at least 1 hour before it hits the smoker. This allows the sugar, salt, and seasonings some time to seep in, improving bark formation and flavor. Need the right brisket? See my Brisket Buying Guide.

Brown Sugar Brisket Rub

Brown Sugar Brisket Rub

This is a quick and easy Brown Sugar Brisket rub that has a sweet and mildly spicy flavor. This recipe is a surefire rub for smoked barbecue brisket. Make sure that the brown sugar is broken up well. No clumps. Then shake it over your brisket. Make sure to get an even coating. I recommend getting this on the meat at least an hour before the brisket hits the smoker. This will allow a slight sugar cure to occur.

Brisket Mustard Rub

Mustard Rub

Haven’t used a Brisket Mustard Rub? Well, you’re missing out. The mustard helps the other seasoning adhere to the surface of the meat while imparting a delicious flavor. As the brisket smokes, the mustard flavor virtually disappears. What will be left behind is all the flavor of the rub and the slightest hint of mustard.


SPG Beef Rub

This 3-ingredient Texas-style SPG beef rub is a great addition to smoked, grilled, and pan-seared beef. The rub enhances the natural beef flavor of smoked brisket, roasts, steaks, and burgers.

Best Brisket Rub on sliced smoked brisket

The Best Brisket Rub

Another Texas-style rub is used on a brisket. Texans are known for their melt-in-your-mouth low and slow briskets, and this rub will help you to achieve that too. This simple recipe makes enough for two good-sized briskets.

Smoked Brisket Rub

Smoked Brisket Rub

So, it’s time to smoke up a brisket and I have just the rub for you to use. This smoked brisket rub will impart the right flavors for a long, low and slow cook. All the classic flavors are balanced to perfection. There is sweet, heat and savory, without any one of them jumping up to distract from the smoke and the beef.

Texas Rub for Brisket

Texas Rub for Brisket

The perfect Texas-style rub for a Texas-style brisket. While this rub is meant for low and slow beef brisket, you can certainly use it on beef ribs and smoked chuck roasts.

Pellet Grill Smoked Brisket

Coffee Rub

Why do you want to use a coffee brisket rub? Coffee gives meats a deep, rich flavor. It pulls together everything else in this rub and then builds on the smoke flavor as the brisket cooks. It might sound strange, but this is an excellent rub for beef, particularly brisket. And don’t worry, it won’t taste like coffee.

Savory Burnt Ends Rub in bowl

Savory Burnt Ends Rub

As the name suggests, this is a savory rub for brisket or pork burnt ends. It means that nowhere in this recipe will you find sugar. This collection of earthy spices really brings out the deep rich flavors of meat and works really well with a sweet tomato-based barbecue sauce. So, if you’re in the market for a new burnt-end rub to try, give this one a whirl.


Aromatic Brisket Rub

Not all brisket rubs are created equally. This Aromatic Brisket Rub contains flavor combinations inspired by Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. You have the option to add a little sugar to this rub, but that decision is entirely up to you. This recipe yields enough rub for one good-sized brisket.

Apply our best brisket rubs like a professional with a spice shaker. This one from Back of House has a heavy build, is machine washable, and holds plenty of spice rub. Plus it costs about $7. Just make sure you don’t use this to store your rubs. It isn’t airtight.

Back of House Ltd. Metal Dredge Shaker

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