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Monday Men’s Sales Tripod – Under $100 Nordy shoes, Spier Red Label Suits Sale, & More

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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait until the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.


Nordstrom Tripod 21224

Nordstrom’s good-for-the-price in-house dress cap toe oxfords and suede chukkas are on significant sale. Free shipping and free returns too, as this sale is at Nordstrom and not Nordstrom Rack. (The Rack charges for returns. Not at Nordstrom.) There’s plenty more than shoes in there (see the Barbour and navy Rhone commuter)… but… it’s a true clearance. Expect sizes to be scattered and color selection to be mostly odd.


Macys Tripod 21224

Since Macy’ is an authorized dealer and you should be getting a full factory warranty with these. Can’t say that about sketchy gray market dealers lurking in damp corners of the web. And these wheelhouse Seikos, like the 5 Sports Dive Style, Solar Speedtimer, and GMT, have all been extra “sticky” to their MSRP lately. Seems like most authorized dealers have shut the faucet off when it comes to what used to be a steady drip of serious watch sales. So these are pretty good prices, for now.


Nordy shoes

If you’re going to a spring wedding this year and you need a suit, now’s the time to scout one out, get it in-house, and get it tailored so you’re not rushing for that big day. Head here for a review of Spier’s newer, lower-cost, Red Label line. Still all wool and still comes with a half-canvas chest piece that will form to your shape as you wear it. They just knock the level of some of the other bits down a notch to save us, the customer, money in the end. Just one fit on these too. Something they’re calling “tailored” which fits somewhere in between their normal slim and athletic-leaning “contemporary” fits.

[TAG24]. [TAG25].

Allen Edmonds Tripod 21224

Prices are as marked online. Ready to gamble? Perhaps you got your fill of that yesterday with the football. If you’re still up for a bit of a flutter, then the extra 30% off sale items at Allen Edmonds does in fact also apply to their stock of Factory 2nds. Those are shoes that come off the line with a “slight cosmetic blemish” (or maybe two?) and can’t be sold at full price. The shoes have the same structural integrity as their “first quality” brothers, but they’re just not-perfect-enough, so they’re sold at a pretty solid discount. Head here for a full breakdown of the Factory 2nds buying process. And do remember that any returns on Factory 2nds are nailed with a steeeeep $25 restocking fee. If you don’t want to take that risk, their normal sale section is also an additional 30% off. That also ends today, but watch out as they’ve started to (annoyingly) sprinkle some (but not all?) of their Factory 2nds stock in over there on the main site. I know. It’s confusing.

[TAG32] w/ merino30 ($88) Ends today, Monday 2/12.

PROOF 72 Hour Merino Blend Tees

Last chance to get one of Proof’s 72-hour tees at a significant discount. At least for a while, one would assume. These are the tees that you can wear for three days straight while on the road (or anywhere else) without them picking up funk, stink, or feeling gross. That’s the magic of merino wool, as it’s naturally anti-microbial, wicks, breathes, and regulates temperature. Note that the “performance fit” is a true slim fit. My 5’10″/185lbs has to size up to a size large, which then fits perfect after a wash and dry. Code merino30 is allegedly now set to expire today, Monday 2/12.

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