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The Dappered Space: Most Wanted Affordable Home Style February 2024

Heads up: Buying via our links results in us getting a commission (not always, but just about), which helps keep the lights on around here. We also take your privacy rights seriously. Head here to learn more.

The Dappered Space is a series designed to help guys apply the sense of personal style they’ve developed to the space they inhabit. Watch for articles on furniture and decor sales & picks, advice on how to style a room or work space, and tackling creating a space that reflects your own (and perhaps a significant other’s) personal tastes. We’ll suggest items that can be sourced online, but always keep in mind that deals can be found at consignment and thrift stores, local stores with floor models, discount stores, and even yard sales.


modern trash

As manly a bench as they come. Faux tufted leather encases the seat and end pillows of this generously sized chaise lounge. The natural wood frame looks rustic, while the tufted seat a bit more refined, creating a kind of high/low look. Would look great in an office, large entryway, or at the foot of  bed. Sold by Home Depot.


euro lighting

A super handy trash receptacle, especially for the kitchen if you do a lot of food prep. This little trash can (or compost bin if you want to make it that) conveniently hangs off of either a hook mount that you can place over a cabinet door, or a clear plastic wall mount, which allows you to get this trash can up off the ground if you want to. It also has a handy sliding lid that also locks in smells, if you use if for food scraps.

[TAG14] ($215.99)

euro lighting

Need a little more storage, but storage that won’t take up a lot of space? A corner cabinet may solve your problem. And here’s a handsome one from the gang at Target. If you know that what you’re going to be storing in the cabinet might look like a hot mess, go for one with solid doors.


manly benches

Typically called pasta bowls, these wide, low-walled bowls are just right for serving up a well portioned dinner. The listing and price above is for ONE of these bowls. So you do the math if you want more than one. But World Market does sell sets of white pasta bowls at a reasonable price.


modern trash

Looks like something you’d find in the lavatory of a French brasserie. Even though the exposed bulb through clear glass look is still pretty popular, there’s something pleasant about the warm glow created by opaque glass shades. Sold through Lamps Plus.


manly benches

If you have the space in your laundry room or closet, this organizer could come in very handy. Three bags for separating lights, darks, and and towels/sheets. And it looks like the bags easily come out of the rack for transporting laundry to a washing machine. The added shelves are a nice bonus. Sold through Wayfair.

[TAG26] ($499)

euro lighting

This plush rug is a little on the pricey side, but Burrow goes a little further on quality with their rugs. They don’t shed, and they are stain resistant. Their rugs are also handmade. And the pattern on this rug is a versatile one that’ll easily fit into a lot of spaces.


manly benches

“Ah… he got the velcros… Okay we’re talking the table, not the shoes. Lightweight. Clean lines. Letters with circles attached. Yep, this is an IKEA end table. Touted as a bedside table, but you can use it anywhere you need a tabletop. Note that the grey basket pictured above does NOT come with the table, but it’s cheap and also offered from IKEA. And it’s not a bad idea, as it can catch smaller items that like to collect on tables.

About the Author: Sarah is a long time member of the Dappered team, typically working behind the scenes editing posts, taking some photos, and keeping the books in good standing. Occasionally she’ll come out from behind the curtain to offer her two cents.
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