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The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Orbiting the sun, you’d think that all time would be equal, but Father’s Day seems to warp our perception. It takes forever for Christmas to come back round, even longer for birthdays. Yet Father’s Day seems to pop up with unnerving regularity. Or, it is because, if you add up a religious holiday, a birthday and the consumer tradition of honouring the paternal figure in your life for one day a year, that’s actually three presents that you have to find for the Old Man, every year.

He can be a trickier customer than he makes out; he wants for nothing, but won’t accept nothing (we tried that one year, never to be repeated), he says he’s happy with whatever we give him, but usually asks for a receipt a little later on, or worse, hands it back. (Yes, reader, the bird feeder we last gave our dear Pa, is now in our own garden). Well, prepare to blow him away with these superbly stylish gift ideas, and he doesn’t want to keep it? We’d be more than happy to give it a home.

Upgrade his wet shave to save

Are we talking about the same guy who refuses to put the heating on and insists on extra jumpers instead? In this case, he will love breaking free from overpriced plastic razor cartridges. Reggie’s Razors specialise in British-made, precision CNC machined safety razors and handles in brass, aluminium and titanium finishes.

Named after the planets in our solar system, the Titan, Saturn, and Jupiter razors offer a super close, comfortable and cartridge-free shave, with a lifetime guarantee. After the initial outlay of purchasing a high-quality safety razor, the switch to infinitely cheaper and effective standard steel blades can add up to a significant sum over time. There’s a style in the Planetary range to suit all budgets;


The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Spoil your Dad with this top-of-the-range, super lightweight closed comb safety razor that’s made from Aerospace Grade 2 titanium, and weighs just 60g. High strength, it offers a nimble shave thanks to its short handle length and advanced head design using precision CNC machined parts to ensure superior accuracy and consistency. A stunning piece of hand polished workmanship inspired by the classic 1940s style, it’s a handsome specimen that he will appreciate on a regular, if not daily basis.


The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

With a longer 100m handle, Jupiter is a closed comb, scalloped brass safety razor that exudes luxury from its warm gold tones. Durable and corrosion-resistant, it offers a comfortable shaving experience for all skin types thanks to its mild head design, balanced weight and length and textured grip.


The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

If he’s still attached to the convenience of refills, the Mercury Mach 3 handle comes in brass, titanium and an array of finishes including black, yellow, red and blue. The precision CNC machined handle features a spiral design that offers a sustained grip.

Shop now at Reggie’s Razors

Wrap up a lifetime of wear with Angel Jackets

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Perhaps he’s hankering for a leather jacket but can’t find that elusive combination of style, fit and quality at the right price. A genuine leather jacket is a timeless item of clothing that you’ll never be too old to pull off. Still, if you want him to look more like Jeremy Renner than Jeremy Clarkson, Angel Jackets has exactly what you’re looking for at a price that won’t leave you sweating.

The vintage-style Johnson Waxed Motorcycle Jacket is made from 100% real lambskin leather, meaning it will age beautifully and take on the shape of the wearer. It comes in a fine burgundy shade and has styling details such as quilted shoulders, leather zip pulls, smart side buckles, and an internal pocket to keep his phone safe. A fitted style, it comes in sizes XS up to XXXL, and, even better, you can take an extra $25 off with the discount code FD25.

Maroon not his colour? Angel Jackets has a huge selection of authentic leathers, including trucker, racer, Harrington, bomber, blazer and hooded versions in classic black, brown and tan, and alternative colourways like green, blue and white.

Shop now at Angel Jackets

Give more with ‘LESS’

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Penny-pinching might be a theme with some paternal figures, but there’s always the chance he’s also hoarding too much stuff. Is the loft crammed to the rafters? Is the garden shed an intimidating Jenga tower of junk?

LESS: Stop Buying So Much Rubbish: How Having Fewer, Better Things Can Make Us Happier by Patrick Grant looks at the global hamster-wheel of wasteful consumption, the decline of manufacturing and quality, and the wider impact on our society and the planet.

In LESS, The Great British Sewing Bee presenter, fashion designer, Savile Row tailor and founder of Community Clothing examines how we used to care about our clothes and possessions and how they used to be made locally and with pride.

Peppered with personal anecdotes, eye-opening stats and Grant’s absolute joy in the hand-made, it’s an engaging read, minimalist in message, and sure to inspire some personal reflection, as well as a pub rant putting the world to rights. You can find it online and on Audible, but in the spirit of LESS, why not seek it out and support your local, independent bookseller?

Buy now at Amazon

Suit him and boot him like his favourite pundit

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Former England and Manchester United player, Beckham’s right-hand man, beloved football commentator and outspoken unofficial opposition to the government, Gary Neville is well on his way to becoming a national treasure. While the haters on social media like to tell him to ‘stay in his lane’ for his political opinions, he’s happily stepped away from the sidelines to cast his sartorial eye over Jermyn Street tailor Hawes & Curtis.

The Gary Neville edit is a perfectly calibrated summer collection that includes classic tailoring, linen suiting, knitted polo shirts and footwear, for everyday use and those occasions that call for something a bit more special.

Navy Tipped Textured Rib Knitted Cotton Polo Shirt

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The striped detailing on this navy rib polo shirt nods to a vintage sports aesthetic that will set it apart from his regular summer shirt collection. It’s easily paired with a range of trousers or shorts, and he can slip on a light blazer to dress it up.

Made from pure cotton, it will remain comfortable and breathable on warmer days.

Double-Breasted Herringbone Wool Blend Blazer

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Crafted from linen, silk and wool cloth from Barberis mill, this herringbone blazer is cast in a subtle green shade. It is a striking double-breasted cut with nice detailing, such as mock horn buttons, working button cuffs and internal pockets.

This blazer is a versatile number; he can slip a neutral crew T-shirt underneath and pair it with jeans, or add a light shirt with tailored chinos for a day at the races/summer wedding/work function.

Linen Safari Shirt

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The perfect smart-casual summer shirt, this versatile safari style is made from 100% linen and comes in a range of neutral tones including khaki, navy, white and stone.

Natural, breathable linen is the ideal material for hot weather, and this relaxed slim fit style features Swiss tabs on the sleeves to keep them rolled up – which will keep him looking cool in the heat, as opposed to crumpled.

Shop now at Hawes & Curtis

Retire his baggy boxers for Nike Dri-FIT

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that boys and older men never shop for their own underwear. Someone has to replenish his smalls, so why not break him out of his greying cotton Y fronts and offer him Nike underwear instead?

Nike Dri-FIT Ultra Comfort has a specially constructed pouch that provides optimal support for the crown jewels. It’s made of ultra-soft fabric with stretch that provides all-day comfort and sweat-wicking technology. He’s bound to appreciate the difference of these superior kecks.

Buy now at JD Sports

Gift him a scent with gravitas

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Most men of a certain age hail from the ‘soap and water’ era, whereby anything as radical as moisturiser is eyed with suspicion and a “what do I need this for?” Fragrance, however, is a far easier sell, forming an essential part of his daily routine. One as distinctive as Gravité by Particle will definitely be classed as the ‘good stuff’ that the older gentleman would reserve for nights out, special occasions and high-pressure work days.

This powerful woody cologne opens with a fresh, citrus herbal burst of grapefruit, bergamot, pepper and rosemary. It then reveals heart notes of papyrus, cashmere wood, apple and nutmeg, over deeper base notes of musk, amber, vetiver and cedarwood.

It’s a long-lasting combination that stays all day without being overpowering—and it’s reasonably priced at £76 per 100ml. Housed in cool blue glass with a tooled metal cap, it’s suitably dressed like a designer scent.

Buy now at

Quench his thirst for craft beer knowledge

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

What do dads love to do more than their hobbies? Read about them. Unlike your typical brewing manual, 8 Secrets To What Makes Great Beer: The Insiders Guide to Craft Brewing & Beer is a lively book by father and son Trevor and Paul Harris and reads like ‘a brewery tour on paper.’

Essential reading for craft beer enthusiasts, this book provides a comprehensive overview of brewing techniques with detailed explanations of the process. It also teaches the importance of quality ingredients and how they influence flavour. The book provides insights into recipe formulation to create unique flavour profiles and plenty of practical tips along the way.

Just don’t be surprised if you have to sample his moonshine creations the next time you visit.

Buy now at Amazon

A watch to set his heart racing

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

What goes around, comes around, so here’s a collaboration that’s sure to be an heirloom in the making. Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has teamed up with contemporary US lifestyle brand Kith to create a stampede-worthy, limited collection inspired by the 1986 TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series 1.

These colourful editions in green, blue and eggshell feature a new Kith Heuer logo, rubberised or steel strap, sand-blasted steel case, Super-LumiNova printed dials and quartz movement.

Robust yet refined, these collectables combine motorsports, fashion and history in a highly covetable set of timepieces.

Shop now at TAG Heuer

Send him packing like 007

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Nothing captures the glamour of old-school travel like a Globe-Trotter suitcase. Add a sprinkling of James Bond, and you’ve got a collection that deserves iconic luxury destinations like Monaco, Jamaica, and Rio de Janeiro, which pop up in his favourite films and books. Well, we can dream.

Smart, sleek and stealthy, the three cases are styled in grey vulcanised fibreboard with grey leather straps and a navy handle, echoed by a navy fabric interior. Prices start at £1,395 for the small attaché, £2,095 for the carry-on and £2,895 for the large check-in, both on four wheels with telescopic handles for easy manoeuvring.

If those prices require a serious win at the casino, there are also three fun luggage charms in the collection, including Oddjob’s bowler hat, a poker chip, the Spectre motif, and a 007 luggage tag, for a more reasonable sum of £125 each. Attach it to his bag and watch him breeze through the airport like a man on a (secret) mission.

Shop now at Globe-Trotter

Fire up his passion for outdoor cooking

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Dads love to tease, so if he ever warned you about getting a lump of coal in your stocking, it’s time to get your own back. It’s officially barbecue season. Does he usually pick up his charcoal from the supermarket or garage forecourt? If so, it’s time to ditch the mass market junk and upgrade his grilling game with superior fuel.

Imported charcoal requires nasty chemicals to make it safe to transport and petrol to make it flammable again, all of which can taint food. The industry often drives deforestation in poorer countries, and it can be produced using child labour.

It’s a dirty business, but barbecue fuel can smoke less, taste better and be more sustainable. House of Charcoal only carries British-made, chemical-free charcoal, smoking chips and chunks from small artisan suppliers that use native species obtained through local woodland management.

House of Charcoal makes it easy to pair charcoal types with classic barbecue ingredients and for the type of burn – low and slow for a hog roast, for example, or hot and high for his pizza oven. The proof is always in the pudding, and the enhanced flavour from high-quality charcoal is bound to ignite his enthusiasm for all things barbecue.

Get the flames going with our pick, Ash Charcoal, from Cornbury Park producer Whittle & Flame.

Buy now at House of Charcoal

Help him reach poolside perfection in Orlebar Brown x La DoubleJ

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Not all dads are clueless about style – far from it – where do you think we get our natty dressing habits from? The Old Man is the original influencer, and if he knows how to put a fit together, he’s bound to appreciate this capsule collection between swimwear aficionados Orlebar Brown and print maestros La DoubleJ at MR PORTER.

Known for its distinctive designs, La DoubleJ brings vibrant prints to Orlebar Brown’s tailored Bulldog and Setter swim shorts, plus a selection of glorious camp collar shirts in Morpheus, Whitsun and Dragonflower patterns.

Holiday clothes can always be a little extra, and he can peacock to his full potential in super-stylish top and trunk coordinates or a stand-out piece like this broderie anglaise cotton shirt. It’s very Jude Law in Talented Mr Ripley.

Shop now at MR PORTER

Send him outdoors in style

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

The Most Stylish Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

Whether he cycles, runs, hikes, climbs or just walks the dog, anyone who loves the outdoors needs a decent pair of walking shoes, and they don’t come better than VEJA. Teaming up with French outdoor outfitters Au Vieux Campeur, the Dekkan Tent Ouro combines a 1970s-inspired palette with pops of purple, orange and mustard, and VEJA’s sustainable textile technology, including Alveomesh recycled polyester and Vibram soles made from Amazonian rubber.

Meanwhile, the Fitz Roy Trek-Shell in basalte black with orange flashes offers a solid, stable sole with multi-directional crampons and rock plate and a water-repellent, recycled polyester upper. Lightweight, flexible and breathable, he can summit a peak, hit the park and the pub in VEJA hiking styles.

Shop now at Veja

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