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Improvements To Our MLB Contract Tracker

Our MLB Contract Tracker is an amazing research tool, full of features and capabilities you can’t get anywhere else.  You can filter by player name, team, position, batting handedness, throwing handedness, contract type (MLB deal, minor league deal, extension), number of years, amount of total money, average annual value, type of option, age in the first year of the deal, age in the last year of the deal, service time for those who signed extensions, Super Two status, qualifying offer status, agency at the time of signing, and any date range from 10-5-09 to present.  Subscribe to Trade Rumors Front Office today to gain access!

We just finished data entry for the 2009-10 offseason, which was led by Matt Holliday, John Lackey, and Jason Bay.  Was anyone around here back then?  Throughout the year, MLBTR’s Mark Polishuk and Bryan Grosnick will continue working backward to add more years to the database.  Of course, the MLB Contract Tracker is also updated daily as new deals come in.  Before you know it, we’ll have Jackson Holliday in there.

For the real contract data nerds, we have also upgraded our service time filter.  Now, we have a checkbox for players who signed extensions with zero MLB service:


We have also refined the service time filter so that you can select custom ranges.  For example, here’s a search of starting pitcher extensions for those with at least two and less than four years of MLB service:

player name

We’re proud of the work that goes into the MLB Contract Tracker.  Subscribe today and gain access to this tool as well as exclusive articles, while also removing ads from this website!