, pub-3283090343984743, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 A New Barbecue Streaming Service Just Launched: We Attended the Embers TV Launch Party to get the Full Scoop
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A New Barbecue Streaming Service Just Launched: We Attended the Embers TV Launch Party to get the Full Scoop

Some of the biggest names in barbecue have banded together to form a new streaming service.

Embers TV offers a lineup of exclusive original shows, tutorials and live streams. Whether you’re a seasoned postmaster or a backyard barbecue enthusiast, the platform offers something for everyone.

I went to the launch party this past weekend to learn more about the service and who is behind it.

Embers TV - Stream the best of BBQ, Open-Fire and Outdoor Cooking

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What is Embers TV?

Embers TV is not just another streaming platform — it’s a culinary adventure waiting to be savored.

Dive into a world where open-fire cooking, outdoor grilling, and barbecue mastery take center stage through original series, documentaries, masterclasses, travel shows and more.

The process to sign up and start watching is very simple. If you’ve used a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu before the experience is very similar.

Embers TV additional has an app that you can download to stream content directly from your smartphone or other device. This makes it convenient to be able to stream the content from a number of places or on-the-go.

Embers TV

The Embers TV Launch Party

I was lucky enough to snag an exclusive invite to the Embers TV launch party in California this past weekend and this crew knows how to throw a party. We got to enjoy amazing open-fire cooking, whole hog, plus brisket, sausage, and barbecue sides galore.

The crew announced that they are launching a brand new streaming service dedicated to nothing but barbecue, open-fire, and outdoor cooking content. Embers TV is a standalone streaming service featuring masterclasses by some of the biggest names in barbecue.

Jeremy Yoder of @madscientistbbq is hosting an Offset Smoking Masterclass, Matt Groark of @groarkboysbbq is hosting a Masterclass dedicated to Cooking with Charcoal – each promise to release new episodes weekly.

Another fun series on the platform is the Backyard BBQ Invite, hosted by Tony Ramirez of @tfti.bbq where each week he takes you to the backyards of your favorite content creators around the country.

While the initial content library isn’t massive, they promise to launch new episodes every week and intend to create more series in the coming months. The quality of the video is top notch and definitely a step-up from the traditional YouTube & social media content we are used to seeing from other creators.

Who is involved with Embers TV?


Carlos Bradley – CEO

Known as @carlosbradley on Instagram and @smokeandvine on TikTok, Carlos Bradley has spent over a decade perfecting his craft as a barbecue enthusiast, filmmaker, and now as the CEO of Embers TV.

Marco Sanchez – [TAG18]

Marco takes you on a culinary adventure in each of his videos with a combination of beautiful, cinematic technique and drool-worthy food creations. He has gained millions of followers on social media with some of the best quality video content out there. He is a proud U.S. Army Veteran and the mastermind behind the beautiful videography you can find on Embers TV.

Matthew Groark – [TAG19]

Matt Groark, also known as The Meat Teacher, launched his barbecue business Groark Boys Barbecue in 2018. He was on Season 2 of Gordon Ramsey’s hit television show Next Level Chef and boasts 3.3M followers on TikTok, 730K on YouTube, and 152K on Instagram.

Jeremy Yoder – [TAG20]

“Embers TV is the most exciting project in the barbecue/open-fire world. I jumped at the chance to cook alongside people who love barbecue the way I do… [this] platform will allow me to finally create content that is commensurate with the vision I have in my head.”

Jeremy Yoder (@madscientistbbq)

A former chemistry teacher with a passion for barbecue, Jeremy Yoder left teaching to devote his time to his educating the public on how to cook meat with fire. He owns a successful catering business and boasts 584K subscribers on his YouTube channel dedicated to barbecue.

Tony Ramirez – [TAG22]

Tony Ramirez, also known as @tfti.bbq (Thanks for the Invite) has taken social media by storm. He has a Cajun and Filipino background, and he combines the flavors from both cultures to create amazing food right in his backyard. With 10 years of barbecue and grilling experience, Tony shows the ins and outs of backyard cooking.

Al Frugoni – [TAG23]

Al Frugoni is one of the world’s most prominent open-fire grilling experts. He is an Argentina-native that now resides in Boerne, TX where he blends both Argentine and American BBQ cultures to teach people the joy of cooking over live-fire.

Bradley Robinson – [TAG24]

Chuds BBQ started with Bradley Robinson moving to Austin, TX in 2012 where he met Evan Leroy and helped open Leroy & Lewis BBQ. After the pandemic shut down restaurants, Bradley focused on his YouTube channel and dedicated his time to teaching others how to make great ‘que.

Your All-Access Pass

So, how does Embers TV work? The app is available worldwide and on all major platforms. With just a few clicks, you’ll gain access to:

  • Exclusive Content: Get ready for a filling lineup of original shows, tutorials, and live streams featuring renowned pit masters, outdoor cooking experts, and your favorite creators who you have come to know and follow on social media.
  • Recipes Galore: Discover a mouthwatering collection of barbecue recipes from around the world. From smokey ribs to perfectly seared steaks, Embers TV has it all.
  • Community Connection: Join a vibrant community of barbecue enthusiasts, attend subscriber-exclusive Embers TV events, share your grilling triumphs and connect with fellow grill aficionados.

Subscribe to Embers TV today and embark on a flavory journey that’ll leave you craving more.

You can subscribe monthly for $5.99 / month, or get an annual subscription which would normally set you back $59.99 but if you use our code SMOKEDBBQSOURCE you can get a full years subscription for $42

Subscribe at or by downloading Embers TV on your favorite device.

Embers TV - Stream the best of BBQ, Open-Fire and Outdoor Cooking

Get 30% off your first year of Embers TV with code with code SMOKEDBBQSOURCE

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