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Women and Pellet Grills: The Kitchen Gadget Every Women Should Own That is the “Gateway” to the world of Grilling

In a time when Women and Men are on equal footing on all things, there is still one area where Men and Women often assume traditional roles: behind the grill. Usually, the man in the household “mans” the grill and the woman does the shopping and prepping of the ingredients that go on the grill, but rarely, if ever, gets behind the grill herself.

When I first discovered grilling in 2008, I wondered why more women were not grilling and I sought to change the narrative around Women and Grilling with the formation of my website I thought to myself, “if I show women that I can grill, with myself being an average girl, not a burly pitmaster type, then other women would see that they can do it too.” Then I started hosting Women’s Grilling Clinics, a girl's night out experience behind the grill to demystify grilling to women in a fun, relaxed environment.

womens grilling clinic, grillgirl, robyn lindars

Women's Grilling Clinic from 2014.

It was through conducting Women’s Grilling Clinics over the years which served as a way to conduct my own market research, that I learned the main reasons women dont learn to grill. The core reasons women don’t grill is 1) they are intimidated by the act of starting a grill, specifically in gas grills, and 2) they are also intimated by fire management and the messiness and lack of control in charcoal grilling.

When I first started grilling, there were only two types of grills available for the most part: Gas and Charcoal. Now, the world of grilling has expanded and Pellet Grills are now commonplace in the market. In the past few years I’ve seen many women enter the world of grilling via Pellet “smokers”, which served as their “gateway grill” that opened them up to the world of grilling. From this starting point, many of these women went on to learn the other styles of grilling. But it was the Pellet Grill that introduced them to this world of outdoor cooking.

Unlike gas and charcoal, there is no intimidation factor with lighting a grill or fire management in a Pellet Grill. The Pellet Grill/Smoker is basically an outdoor oven that perfumes food with wood smoke flavor. In essence, many women have discovered that if they can cook using their oven indoors, using a pellet grill outdoors is essentially the same thing.

GrillGirl Robyn Lindars, GrillGirl

The Coyote Pellet Grill is a total multitasker, it can smoke, grill, bake and sear.

There’s no lighting or fire management, just push the button, place your food in the grill, and let the Pellet grill do its thing the same way one might use an oven. The core difference is the outcome: unlike an oven, pellets infuse the food with smoke flavor because the fuel source, pellets, are made from compressed wood.

As technology evolves, so have pellet grills. When pellet grills first arrived on the market, they still functioned mainly as smokers with their temperatures maxing out at 400-500 degrees. Now, the market has changed and pellet grills can function as the Swiss Army grill of your backyard. In previous years, pellet smokers served their purpose as smokers and households still had to purchase another grill to finish a steak with a nice sear or finish them in the oven if they wanted a high-heat finish.

coyote pellet grill, GrillGirl Robyn Lindars

The Coyote Pellet Grill bucks the trend of ugly pellet grills in that its sleek design looks more like a traditional gas grill.

Fast forward to 2023 and Coyote Outdoor now has a Pellet Grill that can do all the things of multiple grills in one grill: Smoke, Grill, Sear and Bake.

Essentially, the Coyote Grill replaces the need for multiple grills in your backyard since it can get to temps of 700 degrees, all available in a sexy-looking stainless steel grill that does not look like the traditional, ugly pellet smoker. The Coyote Pellet Grill is a stainless steel grill in a traditional grill style that is available as a standalone cart or built-in, that offers ample storage and a fully color touch screen user interface (something I have also not seen in any other grill).

coyote pellet grill review

The fully color touchscreen display on the Coyote makes it stand apart from other Pellet grills.

The future for women and grilling, in my opinion, is the Pellet Grill, because it bridges the gap between using an indoor oven and using an outdoor oven, aka a Pellet Grill.

Once any women tastes how smoke flavor can amplify all dishes, even desserts, she will be hard-pressed NOT TO want to use her outdoor oven, aka The Pellet Grill. Happy Grilling ladies and welcome to the party! Now you see why the guys wanted to keep grilling to themselves!

Note, this post was made in partnership with my friends at Coyote Outdoor Living. I only work with brands I personally use and endorse.

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