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10 Things To Throw Out Of Your Closet Today


What comes to mind here?

  • Cans & bottles
  • Paper & plastic
  • Spoiled food
  • Anything USELESS

guy holding bag with clothes to trash out

That last one is tricky…

‘Cause not everything looks obviously useless.

Especially stuff you use all the time.

There's a saying: “One man's trash is another man's treasure.”

But sometimes, your trash is simply trash.

It should NEVER be reused – or handed over.


Do you enjoy going through:

  • Cavities (despite brushing regularly)?
  • Sunburn (despite wearing sunblock)?
  • People who look down at you and assume you're poor – or even homeless?

I didn't think so.

Ready to clear all the junk and start fresh?

Here are:

10 Items You Should Throw Out NOW

(and why they have no place at home).

Item #1 – Offensive Graphic Tees

t-shirt with offensive print

Remember during your college years – when you and your buddies wore t-shirts with messages that were rather crude? Or downright shocking?

Those shirts are useless now. They do NOT represent the adult you've become – and the things you stand for. Your rebellious youthful days are over.

It's better to discard them (unless you're reuniting with old friends for drinks and you want to bring back memories). It's time to really dress your age.

Item #2 – Frayed Jeans

man wearing distressed jeans

Do you know that feeling when you've combed your hair and used gel – but there's one tiny strand that just won't stay put? It drives you crazy!

Frayed, un-hemmed jeans (torn up with strings at the bottom since you've been stepping on them for months) are just as irritating as hair sticking out on your head. Both are complete eyesores.

Pants under this category are likely too long or baggy for your own good. Get rid of them and replace with well-fitted jeans that have a leaner or slimmer cut. It also helps to learn how to hem your jeans so you can avoid damaging the ends more.

Item #3 – Stained / Overstretched Undershirts

stained undershirt

A lot of guys may have undershirts which either:

Have been stretched to the point of no return (like a crew neck that turns into a “deep V”)
Have stains that can't be removed no matter how much bleach or detergent you use

But aren't they undershirts a.k.a. “hidden” shirts?

Well… try to picture your boss' and colleagues' faces in the unlikely event that – for some reason – your dress shirt gets ruined. And you must spend the rest of your office hours in your undershirt…

Whether it's stained, overstretched or “normal” – you've put yourself in an embarrassing situation. But people will probably give you a harder time if your undershirt isn't normal-looking.

So you better throw out those unattractive undershirts.

Item #4 – Faded / Discolored Swimwear

This goes for those who swim a lot. You may not be totally aware – but your swimming trunks are delicate pieces of clothing that require extra care.

man having sea fun in swim trunks

Each time after using the pool, you must clean and rinse them thoroughly (or place inside a centrifugal force machine) to remove any chlorine or harsh chemicals.

Otherwise, those chemicals can discolor your swimsuit. And your swimsuit is like any other clothing item. You want it to look presentable – not faded or cheap.

So don't bother using swimwear that's lost its original color. And choose light colors to avoid the risks of dark-colored trunks which may have an inferior dye. Those tend to fade more quickly.

Item #5 – Stained / Worn Out Underwear

Our parents have always told us to “always wear clean underwear.” But I think we should expand this motto as grown men – “always wear clean, unstained and undamaged underwear.”

Some guys might argue that people rarely see us in our underwear. That's true. But you'll never know the next time you've got to run out of your apartment because of a fire in the building – wearing just the clothes you were sleeping in!

You should trash those undies with permanent stains, premature holes or a loose band. White ones are most vulnerable to stains – so consider switching to a darker color.

And be selective with the brand whenever you buy new underwear. You want long-lasting quality (not a fabric that gets compromised quickly).

Item #6 – Holey Socks

Nope. These aren't socks that were blessed by the Pope! I'm talking about socks with holes or tears. It doesn't matter where you use them. They have no business being in your closet – let alone covering your feet.

Some guys may think those socks are still functional and people would never notice. But what if you faced an extreme situation (say you were out dancing and accidentally tripped – and your shoes came off)? I'm sure your toes wouldn't enjoy the glares from everyone in the room!

Trash your holey socks immediately. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade to those colorful socks you might've thought about before. Just be sure to get the right quality.

Item #7 – Old Running Shoes

Here's the thing about running shoes. You can't accurately judge if they're still wearable by the number of months or years – but by their mileage.

10 Things To Throw Out Of Your Closet Today

A quality pair of running shoes would normally last 400-600 miles. But where your shoes lie in that range will depend on different factors:

Your build
Training load
Running style (“light on your feet” vs. “pounding the pavement”)

Everybody’s different. So use a notepad to keep track of the miles your shoes have covered. Or try one of those online training logs that calculate them for you.

The general rule: when your running shoes start to approach 300 miles – you ought to get a brand new pair and start rotating the two.

Then do away with the old pair once it passes 400 miles (or 500 if you're a light runner). This is crucial especially when you're past the age of 40.

The more you run with “healthy” shoes as an older guy – the less prone you are to having issues with your knees and legs later on.

Item #8 – Your Old Toothbrush

old toothbrush to replace

Time to settle the debate: how often should you replace your old toothbrush with a new one?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months. Because beyond that period, the bristles bend and get frayed. So brushing becomes less effective.

It's also important to:

  • Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly to remove any debris or toothpaste residue
  • Leave your toothbrush upright in open air so it can air-dry properly

Remember that a closed container or area that keeps your toothbrush moist is a haven for bacteria – which shortens the lifespan of the brush even more.

So make the 3-month toothbrush switch a habit. You can try to set up a subscription service (through sites like Amazon) to make it easier for you.

Item #9 – Improperly Stored Fragrances

We're talking about all types of fragrances here – colognes, perfumes, toilettes, etc.

collection of fragrances

Fragrances (particularly modern ones) usually show a small icon at the base of the bottle or box that indicates the “prime” use-by date.

Example: if the icon reads “24 M” – then the product should be used up within 2 years (24 months).

However – the way you STORE your fragrance can actually extend its lifespan for some more years.

First, you want it stored upright in its original container or inside a dark and cool place (such as a drawer or cupboard). Always.

Why? Because any exposure to light (whether it's sunlight or artificial light) will make it deteriorate faster over time. Light is enemy #1.

The second villain is an area with rapid changes in temperature. That includes your bathroom. Because each time you or your family members shower or use hot water – the temperature and humidity will swiftly go up or down. The same goes for storing scents inside your car.

If you haven't taken these measures for your fragrance – it's probably spoiled and worthless by now. So throw it out and find another product that you'll really want to take good care of.

Item #10 – Expired Sunblock / Sunscreen

guy in sungalsses

That's right. The one thing that serves as your first line of defense against UV rays and sunburn is NOT immortal, unfortunately.

As your sunscreen ages – the molecules start to become unstable. The ingredients tend to degrade or “compromise” one another. That causes them to lose part of their sun-blocking ability.

Example: a bottle of sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50 might devolve into a product with an SPF of 30 over time. That could mean about 2 hours LESS sun protection after applying it.

The fact is sunscreens are usable for up to 3 years – although some have an expiration date written on the bottle. If you buy one with NO specific date, write the date of purchase on the bottle and make sure you discard it after 3 years.

And if you notice any obvious change in your sunblock (whether it's color or consistency) – discard it immediately. Always stay on the safe side… since sunburns can be quite unforgiving!

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