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101 QUICK Men’s Style Tips (Read These In 5 Minutes)

No time?

Stylish men earn $232,000 more over a lifetime –

Invest 5 minutes to boost your earnings with this QUICK shot of 101 easy, powerful style hacks.

  1. Don't be afraid to buy specialty grooming products – especially men's skincare products.
  2. Moisturizing around your eyes daily is the key to not looking tired and/or old, especially if you're over 40.
  3. Irritation from shaving? Get an aftershave with antiseptic so you kill the irritation and don't risk getting an infection.
    101 QUICK Men’s Style Tips (Read These In 5 Minutes)
  4. Rash on your face? Red spots after swimming in the pool? Get something specifically for your face.
  5. Cracked hands? Get a heavy-duty hand moisturizer.
  6. Cracked lips? Use something natural like beeswax.
  7. Don't be afraid to carry around a few little cases of lip balm.
  8. Put on sunblock when you get dressed in the morning.
  9. Using a disposable razor? Try upgrading to a single blade razor or safety razor.
  10. Already mastered the safety razor? Try a cut-throat razor and have some fun.
  11. Using a shaving cream that comes out of a can? Throw that can out and try shaving soap.
  12. Too lazy to make your own lather? Get a shaving cream that comes out of a tube with no propellant.
  13. Don't own a nose and ear hair trimmer? Get one and use it.
    101 QUICK Men’s Style Tips (Read These In 5 Minutes)
  14. Don't be afraid to spend a little money on a good grooming kit.
  15. Have a time every week when you actually use your grooming kit.
  16. Brush your teeth with baking soda or salt for a quick whitening hack – but don't do this every day or you'll wear down the enamel.
  17. Upgrade to an electric toothbrush – so much better for taking care of teeth. There's no comparison.
  18. Own more than one hairbrush. Nothing wrong with having a paddle brush AND a styling brush.
  19. Own more than one comb. It can make a big difference when you're parting and styling your hair.
  20. Experiment with hair products. Try different types like pomades, putties, or waxes.
  21. Also try different brands.
  22. Learn how to apply fragrance.
  23. No, you're not supposed to spray it and then walk into the cloud.
  24. Remember that basically all fragrances smell stronger in hot weather.
    man shopping for fragrances
  25. Don't be afraid to spend good money on a foundation piece that's gonna get you compliments every time you wear it.
  26. Jacket sleeves should show half an inch of your shirt cuff.
  27. Don't be afraid to ask people if they've got clothing they don't want. A jacket your friend never wore could become a staple of your wardrobe.
  28. Have a uniform. A uniform is a set of clothing that sends the message you want to send and that you can default to on a daily basis.
  29. When you start to invest in your interchangeable wardrobe and spend good money on shoes you're going to have to make a tough decision – brown or black? Think carefully about what you prefer and what will go with the majority of your clothes.
    leather boots
  30. Gym shoes are for the gym.
  31. Middle-of-the-road clothes that fit well and are well taken care of can look as good as or better than designer clothes.
  32. White dress shirts get gray over time. Check the label when you buy – you want to be able to bleach them.
  33. But DON'T bleach sweat stains – sweat and bleach can react and ruin the shirt. Use an oxygenated detergent (like Oxiclean) instead.
  34. Hang linen clothes in the bathroom while you shower to steam the creases out of them.
  35. T-shirts can be stylish. T-shirts with big graphics and slogans can't – at least not on grown men.
  36. You ALWAYS have to tuck in dress shirts. You NEVER tuck in an oxford or other casual button down shirt.
  37. Nervous about matching shirts and ties? There are subtleties to it, but you should be able to eyeball it if you start with this guiding rule of thumb: the main color of your tie should contrast with your shirt, while the secondary color should match it.
  38. When you try on pants in a store, try them with your shoes on, or you may end up with the wrong length.
  39. If you find a basic off-the-rack item (like a shirt or pair of trousers) that fits well, buy two.
  40. If you're in doubt about what color suit or blazer to buy, go for a warm charcoal gray or a navy blue. Both flatter almost every skin tone and never go out of style.
  41. But if you want a really versatile sports jacket, get one in brown. (Blue can look too matchy with jeans.)
    101 QUICK Men’s Style Tips (Read These In 5 Minutes)
  42. A suit you buy in the store will almost never be ready to wear. You have to take it to the tailor and get it fitted.
  43. Always keep the lowest button on your suit jacket unbuttoned.
  44. Always unbutton your suit jacket when you sit down. (#43 is about tradition, but #44 is a matter of the long-term health of your suit.)
  45. Bigger guys should opt for a wider tie knot when wearing a suit. It helps you look more in proportion.
  46. If you're investing in a nice pair of dress shoes, invest in a pair of cedar shoe trees too to keep them in good shape for years to come.
  47. Chelsea boots are probably the most versatile shoe you can own.
  48. Keep the heels of your dress shoes and boots from being crushed by using a shoehorn when you put them on.
  49. You can use a toothpick to keep shoe polish out of the perforations in your brogues.
  50. When you buy a belt, go for a size 1-2 inches bigger than the size of your pants waist (so if you take a 40 in pants you want a 41 or 42 in belts.)
    101 QUICK Men’s Style Tips (Read These In 5 Minutes)
  51. Check out high-end menswear shops, even if you can't afford them, just so that you know what the best quality version of what you're shopping for looks like. This will help you avoid getting ripped off.
  52. On a similar note, go to a jewelry store that sells luxury watches and try a few on. It will help you decide for yourself whether it's something you would ever want to invest in.
  53. When you're traveling and you're gonna have a layover try to stop at an airport with luxury shops. It can be a chance to spend time checking out famous brands from around the world.
  54. If you own over a hundred watches you are obsessed with watches and there's no problem with that.
  55. If you only own ONE watch, it should be a low-key dress watch you can wear to work, with a band and case that match the majority of your outfits.

  56. If you usually wear a leather watch band, swap it out for a mesh, Perlon, Zulu, or NATO band in summer – sweat ruins leather.
  57. Drink more water. You'll feel better, look better and have better breath.
  58. Don't let a woman plan your outfits. A man should dress himself.
  59. Casual does not equal sloppy.
  60. Resist the urge to correct other men's style, especially in public.
  61. Every man should carry a nice pen.
  62. Tactical pens are stylish and useful.
  63. Never wear a backpack with a suit.
  64. Backpacks can damage the shoulders, and in general they're for kids. A man should invest in a nice professional briefcase.
  65. If you really want to step up your look and get some compliments try wearing a boutonniere.
  66. Ties and pocket squares are not meant to exactly match each other. You might see them in the same fabric on a store shelf together, but they're meant to be coordinated, not matched.
  67. Invest in outerwear of varying formality levels. Leather jackets are awesome, but you can't wear one with a suit.
    man layered clothes
  68. When you're getting ready in the morning dress with the assumption that you're going to run into somebody important today.
  69. If you don't know how dressed up you need to be, layer a nice button-down shirt with a sweater or jacket. You can always take one off if you feel overdressed.
  70. Heavyweight knitted sweaters will keep you warm but they're casual and they're not the best for layering.
  71. Lightweight sweaters that stick close to the body and have a v-neck are great for layering.
  72. Leverage the color gray. It's an interchangeable color that's going to go with a wide variety of different items in your wardrobe.
  73. There are cool grays and warm grays. Go for the one that best matches the undertones of your complexion.
  74. Don't be afraid to bring in color, especially when it comes to sweaters.
    101 QUICK Men’s Style Tips (Read These In 5 Minutes)
  75. Cotton is the least expensive sweater material and the easiest to take care of – you can throw it in the wash.
  76. Wool is more expensive and harder to take care of but it'll do a better job of keeping you warm.
  77. Bright colors are generally for spring and summer. When the weather gets cold, bring out the jewel tones.
  78. Fair-skinned guys CAN look good in pink – just skip the pastel pinks that will wash you out and go for a bold, pure shade.
  79. A navy pindot tie will go with almost anything.
  80. If you're shopping secondhand, it's worth the drive to check out what you can thrift in the swankier parts of town.
  81. Match your socks to your pants. It makes your legs look longer.
  82. Go shopping in your best fitting shirt so you can use it for comparison.
    guy wearing colored dress shirt
  83. Carry a Swiss Army knife. Not only will you be ready to save the day with a cool-looking tool, you'll also start cleaning and trimming your nails when you want something to fiddle with.
  84. When you're traveling with a lot of electronics, opt for shorter cables.
  85. Also look for dual use cables that can both transfer data and charge your device.
  86. Test them at home before you go.
  87. Recycle those extra cases you never use – for sunglasses, for small devices, for you-don't-even-remember-what – to keep your cords in check when you travel.
  88. When I travel I take expensive cameras that have specialty cases, but I don't use those cases. Instead I use extra underwear or an extra shirt to wrap them up so that if my luggage gets lost I've got clothes and my cameras are well protected.
  89. Always bring food when you travel.
  90. I try to take items which can last a long time and can handle getting smashed. If you're traveling with kids and you don't have food when they're hungry you are in for a world of pain.
  91. Tissues, wet wipes, an old school handkerchief in your back pocket – it doesn't matter which you go for. The main thing is that when you sneeze or there's a mess to clean up, you've got something handy to take care of it.
  92. Bring a small book when you travel. There won't always be Wi-Fi.
  93. And travel with a pair of headphones – the universal signal for “leave me alone.”
  94. Wayfarer and aviator sunglasses look good with every face shape.
    101 QUICK Men’s Style Tips (Read These In 5 Minutes)
  95. If you're not sure which to pick, go for aviators if you're more of a classic style guy and wayfarers if you're a little more edgy and casual.
  96. Paying attention to your posture is a 100% free way to stand out from the crowd.
  97. Move your shoulders slightly for a sexier, more masculine walk.
  98. If you want to dress sharper, find a community that can provide style support and feedback – whether that's on social media or with your brick-and-mortar-world friends.
  99. You can also start dressing sharper around the house to build confidence before going out in public.
  100. Wrap masking tape around your hand (sticky side out) to get pet hair off clothing if you don't have a garment brush. And if you don't have pet hair on your clothing…
  101. Get a dog. This study says well-dressed men are even more approachable in public if they have a pet dog.

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