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Banana Republic 40% off Semi-annual Friends and Family Event

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40% off at BR doesn’t come around that often. If last year is any indicator, it might be a lonnnnng time (like, autumn) before BR throws a 40% off deal our way again. In 2023 they did two Friends and Family 40% off events (spring and fall,) a holiday preview 40% off in early November, and 40% off for Black Friday. That was it. They spent much of the year stuck to full price, and then they’d occasionally sneak in a 30% off here and there.

So if now is a good time for you and your budget? Then now would be the time.

Exclusions are what you’d expect: shoes, bags, leather and suede apparel, 100% cashmere, and a few other items.

No code necessary. Discount should happen in your cart. But do know that if your purchase is north of $175, you can use the code BRSHIP for free, expedited, 2-3 day shipping. Which is a nice bonus. Off we go with the picks.

[TAG22] ($100)

Core Temp

Restocked for 2024. These are BR’s well loved performance-style pants. Lightweight, airy, breathes well, moves great. 55% cotton, 40% recycled polyester, 5% spandex. So yes, mainly cotton, but they truly perform more like a performance pant than a traditional pair of chinos. No they’re not lululemon’s ABC pants. But they’re not standard khakis either. They’re somewhere in-between, and that’s great for a lot of tastes and budgets. Especially when 40% off as they are now. That drops them to less than half the price of a pair of the lululemon ABCs.

[TAG25] + [TAG26] ($600)

New arrivals

Full review here. Got a wedding coming up? A job interview? Something else important? Available in blue or gray, which the latter would clearly excel in all three scenarios from our Versatile Medium Gray Suit 3 Waysseries. At 40% off, they’re a true steal. All season wool from Italy’s Reda mill. Softer shoulder and sleeves designed for ease of movement. Moves quite well with just a hint of natural stretch. Sold as separates so you’re not stuck with a “nested” jacket and pants. You pick the size of the jacket, you pick the size of the pants, ta-da there’s your suit. Also shown very top left of the post as a three-piece. Vests are here if you want to pick one of those up.

[TAG33] or [TAG34] ($80)

Banana Republic Wrinkle Resistant Dress Shirts

It sure looks like these use the same excellent collars from the non wrinkle resistant premium poplin shirts. So combining a wrinkle resistant 100% cotton fabric, with a super sharp collar, AND they’re 40% off? These could be a solid winner. (Sidenote: feel free to not leave your shirt open to the bottom of your sternum.)

[TAG38] ($400)

Core Temp

This is actually part of a pair of suit separates, but here’s a Suggestion: If you’re in the market for a versatile navy blazer but don’t want to shell out for Spier, Suitsupply, or Bonobos, maybe consider this suit jacket as an alternative. “But it’s a suit jacket, won’t it look weird?” Probably not. It’ll work as a stand-alone blazer because it’s made from (Italian) hopsack wool. That honey-comb like texture to hopsack makes the garment a little more casual. It’s really not much different than the famous Bonobos blazers, although this BR option does have a full lining. The matching trousers can be found here if you do want to make it a full suit. But we’re going to stick to suggesting it as a foundational navy blazer. Heck, we even put  it in our just updated Essentials Shop. Perfect timing for it to go on sale for 40% off.

[TAG43] or [TAG44] ($130)

New arrivals

Looks like the previous version of the Luxe Traveler Jeans have been retired, and they’re moving onto the 2.0. Here’s the difference:

  • Old Luxe Traveler: 44% cotton, 42% TENCEL modal, 13% polyester, 1% elastane.
  • New 2.0 Luxe Traveler: 57% cotton, 17% recycled polyester, 14% recycled cotton, 11% TENCEL REFIBRA, 1% elastane.

“we updated our customer-favorite Traveler jean with a more pronounced texture that achieves beautifully authentic washes, while maintaining the brushed interior and high-stretch you know and love.”

Well okay then. Sounds like they haven’t changed that much, but a full in person review is probably necessary.

[TAG47] ($130)

Core Temp

OH. Okay. Interesting. Looks like these are BR’s next big swing at lululemon. Doesn’t appear to have a gusseted crotch (which really does set the lululemon ABC apart…) but they’re made from 100% polyester “Solotex twill fabric… selected for its ability to balance performance, comfort, and a put-together appearance. Wrinkle-Resistant, Water-Repellant, Breathable, 4-Way Stretch.” Interesting. Covered closure in the front (no visible button) so they do look dressier. Could be a true companion in the warmer seasons with sharp polos and dress shirts and blazers.

[TAG49] ($40)

New arrivals

For those who firmly believe that such a thing as a “nice” t-shirt can exist (and they do exist.) Super smooth 100% jersey cotton with a silk-like luxe touch finish. Solids only. Not slub. Not “washed.” Not vintage. Smooth. Clean. Neat.

[TAG51] ($380) & [TAG52] ($130)

New arrivals

Uh oh. Is BR coming for J. Crew’s “unsuit” crown? Italian linen/cotton blend. Very lightly structured with just a half lining in the back. Pants have… an elastic waist. Which is a deal breaker for some (yet admittedly considered a cool feature by others.) Picking up just one of the sportcoats for easy summer wear might be in the cards.

[TAG55] ($90)

Core Temp

Leather apparel is excluded, but it looks like some accessories are in. The 40% off is working on these at post time. Nubuck = suede with a crew-cut. Shorter nap, very matte, and something you’ll probably get plenty of use out of. Would look really good with a pair of those deep and dark Luxe Traveler Jeans. Would also look perfect with some lighter chinos once it gets warm, as smooth leather belts and their natural gloss/shine can sometimes look harsh in spring and summer.

[TAG57] ($175)

New arrivals

Wait, brushed? Soft? So it could be a selvedge jacket without the rigidness that usually comes with traditional workwear. Nice. And cut in a classic French chore-coat style. A denim jacket for those who don’t like the traditional trucker look and also wouldn’t mind something a bit softer and easier to wear compared to the usual rigid denim pieces. Could look great with lighter chinos in the spring/on cool summer mornings (as shown at the very top right of the post.) Although one has to wonder about “crocking” with a piece like this. Crocking = transfer of color from a dark denim piece (like the jacket) to a lighter material (such as lighter chinos.) But that’s unfounded speculation. Could be just fine.

[TAG59] ($70)

New arrivals

The last few years BR has struggled a bit with their luxe touch polos shrinking in the wash. And if they do (which a little is expected, c’mon now, let’s all be reasonable…) one has to wonder how much these will shrink by. But that deeper, rakish, four button placket looks pretty great. 100% cotton. Pique weave.

[TAG61] ($80)

Core Temp

Not a bad price for a made in Italy necktie. I think I can speak for many when I say it’s hard not to love dirt-cheap neckties… but for an important event (wedding, job interview, etc…) having a solid feeling necktie that also ties easily and drapes well is a nice security blanket. That is, if a security blanket can be 3″ wide, made from silk, and tied around your neck in a four-in-hand knot.

[TAG63] ($450)

New arrivals

Looks like a fun but not too over the top warm weather jacket. Windowpane pattern is clearly bold, but the muted taupe keeps you out of the red-madras/drunk-uncle-jacket territory. Half lined in the back for breathability. There are matching trousers if you wanna get loud.

[TAG66] ($80)

New arrivals

Because spring/summer sweaters are actually a thing. Mostly merino, which is a welcome choice, with just enough linen to give it a breezy look and feel. Hand wash or dry clean only on these things. Five colors to choose from.

[TAG68] or [TAG69] ($100)

New arrivals

BR’s flagship chinos. Not as lightweight and airy as their Core Temp pants, but that’s preferred by those who prefer more of a “true” chino feel. Yet they’re still engineered-for-movement. 90% cotton, 8% elasterrell, 2% spandex blend. Lots of colors to choose from. Also a reminder that these are their pants that come with the rectangular label/branding over the back right pocket. That’s a dealbreaker for some guys, but BR has stuck with it over the years.

[TAG72] ($40)

New arrivals

A casual menswear basic. More interesting than a t-shirt, nowhere near as dressy as a polo.

[TAG73] ($45)

Soft Wash Henleys

And the long sleeve versions. Lots of colors. 100% organic cotton, pre-washed for softness and that lived-in but not worn-out feel.

[TAG75] ($110)

New arrivals

Fifteen colors available. One of their bestsellers. Super soft, Italian milled, high-recovery yet still stretchy cotton. All the colors you’d expect, with a few curveballs thrown in. Fabric mix is 58% organic cotton, 32% modal, 7% polyester, 3% elastane.

[TAG77] ($400)

Wedding appropriate suits

More than 50% off. How? Because these are actually part of their sale section/winter clearance. March feels pretty late to be picking up a topcoat, but… BR knows coats. For years now their cold weather outerwear has always looked super smart, and felt good and substantial (without being stiff or heavy) when worn. And here’s this year’s set of topcoats from them. 75% recycled wool, 25% nylon melton fabric from Italy’s Manifattura Emmetex mill.

The 40% off Banana Republic Friends and Family event is set to end this upcoming Tuesday, March 12th 2024.
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