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Back to School Movies and High School Sitcoms

back to school movies

While there are literally hundreds of back to school movies, a select few are better than others. A few are purely nostalgic, while others celebrate the start of a new school year. While "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is an obvious favorite, there are also classics like "The Breakfast Club" and even the Shirley Temple version of the famous "I'm Not Going to Miss You" that will make you laugh until you cry. Here are some of our favorites.

The film starring Lindsay Lohan as the ringleader of the Plastics, this comedy aims to explore a girl's first year of middle school and the life that follows. The movie was written and directed by Tina Fey, and Emma Stone plays Olive, the girl who lies to her classmates about having lost her virginity. She cannot reveal the truth before the school finds out, so she makes up a story. In the end, Cady Heron tries to answer the question, "Why is that song so catchy?"

Another movie that stars Lana Condor and is perfect for the back to school season is "To All the Boys I've Loved Before." The film is based on the book of the same name and stars Lana Condor as the stoic but lovable Lara Jean. The movie focuses on coming out of her shell and finding love, and is very charming. With quotable moments and a great cast, the movie is one of the best back to school movies.

Back to school movies are also a great way to get the kids into the mood for the next school year. These films are great for those who want to see their children succeed in the classroom. These films are not only fun for the whole family, but also provide a good way to bond and learn. Whether you are going to school, taking a summer job, or starting a university internship, there is a back to class movie out there for you.

While the first two are the most memorable, a few aren't. While you're a kid at heart, you can't help but be excited for the return of the school year. Despite the inevitable angst of a new school year, there's something to celebrate every time you see a back to school movie. In addition to the fun and frolic, there's the nostalgia that comes with the experience.

Back to school movies are a great way to get kids excited about the upcoming school year. Whether you're bringing your child to a screening or simply spending the evening with your family, back to school movies can help your kids feel enthused about going back to school. In addition to making kids happy, these movies can also help them learn valuable lessons. For example, some of these films feature themes related to learning.

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