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Best Western TV Shows

westerns tv shows

Westerns TV shows have long been popular in the US. Gunsmoke is one of the longest running shows of all time, and was revived for a fifth season in 2012. Other well known series are Deadwood and Yellowstone, which each had a unique storyline. The Gunsmoke episodes were particularly popular, with Matt Smith playing the title role in the second season of Season 3. This genre of show is sure to appeal to fans of any age, as they often have a family drama and a rich history.

Many fans of Westerns grew up watching the original Gunsmoke. There was also a much more modern version of the Western genre, titled Deadwood. The series takes place in the historic mining town of Deadwood, which is now known as a haven for renegade outlaws and opportunistic pimps. Although the show only ran for two seasons, it was an excellent example of an American TV show.

While many of the Westerns on television revolve around a gunfighter/drifter/lawman theme, there were a number of shows that broke from this trope and made something completely new out of it. For instance, Wagon Train was a semi-anthology that focused on a cattle drive and featured a widowed homesteader with a young son. The following season, the show Bonanza debuted, which was set on a small ranch. The genre continued to evolve in the years that followed.

The Rifleman starred Johnny Crawford and Chuck Connors. The Dutton family lived in the wilderness, and it molded the region in their image. Mark learned to be a man, and to respect his father and the land. His father's influence was also profound on his life. The show's themes and storylines are engaging and resonant. While it's easy to fall into this genre and get sucked into the storyline, the series is often incredibly popular.

The Wagon Train: The second-generation Westerns have been very popular on television since the '50s. It's no wonder that Westerns are still one of the most popular genres on television today. Despite being a classic genre, modernized versions of the genre have also spawned some of the best shows in recent years. But while they may have been influenced by the old-fashioned 'west', the genre still holds up as a staple in American TV.

Netflix's Godless: A contemporary Western drama, Godless is an award-winning show with seven episodes. It's been a hit with critics and audiences alike, and it has received several nominations and awards for its first season. Whether you're a fan of the genre or not, there's a Western TV show to suit you. There's a character for everyone in the cast.

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